Using Natural Light


Light; probably the hardest thing to learn about photography but when understood its the simplest thing to get right.

The technical side, camera setting, f-stops and shutter speeds can be learnt, understood and remembered but understanding natural light takes practice and years of it.

My first piece of advice is to study the light at different times, you don’t need to do much, just watch. Even just standing talking to a friend in the day time, take note of what direction the light is coming from. Learn to recognize gorgeous light and poor light, before you even pick up a camera get into the habit of observing the small attributes that light brings, how it changes and alters an entire scene, mood and feeling.

‘Drawing with light’; is the term best suited to describe the word photograph. The angle of light (meaning the suns position in the sky) is important as well as understanding what time of day gives different lighting situations. Sunny days compared to over cast days, dawn and dusk, shooting in the shade as opposed to harsh sunlight. The direction of light, how light is reflected off its surroundings. Understanding white balance and how this is effected by the time of day you shoot at.